Let’s Get Cooking!

I had a few resolutions for 2016. Go to bed earlier, read all the Jane Austen novels, cook more at home. My reasons for cooking at home are the same as a lot of people:

  • Save money
  • Eat healthier food
  • Know what is going into your food
  • Use the beautiful kitchen appliances I’ve received as wedding gifts
  • Have my son get used to seeing us cook at home then eat together at the table
  • Avoid going to restaurants with a two year old (a new discovery I made on my birthday: a Japanese steakhouse was a perfect place for a two year old! He was distracted by the show which was going on while I was also eating. We packed some food for him at home and brought it along and he had a look of wonder while the chef prepared the meal! Heyyyyyyo!)

In my household, I put together the weekly menu and do the grocery shopping. Sometimes this is a tedious pain in the ass. I want to try new stuff but when my wish list for recipes include: quick, easy, healthy, affordable, can make ahead easily, can freeze well, kid-friendly, it gets to be overwhelming searching for all of that. Between cookbooks, Food Network.com, Pinterest and all these random cooking blogs, it was too much information. One solution to this is the incredible app Yumly which I’m so excited about, it cuts out so much time looking into recipes and creates a grocery list by aisle which is how I organize things myself. And, it’s free! It’s so exciting – I am so excited. This is so exciting. Did I mention I’m excited?

Even with this awesome discovery, I knew I would gravitate towards food I’m used to or that I feel I can cook without completely messing up (I’m not a good cook). I decided to see if I could help outsource some of this research to two of my favorite people – my sisters!

We have different tastes in food occasionally and I’m banking on that to expand my horizons. (I’ll still never like goat cheese, guys). This also seems like a fun way to stay in touch from my far-flung siblings – me being in Virginia, Kathleen in Colorado and Laura in Louisiana.

Each week, one of us will share a recipe we found somewhere and give it a whirl. If one of the others feel inspired to try it, we can share our impressions. Maybe we’ll turn into world class chefs? foodies? loveable but cooky tv personalities who against all odds struck gold with a tv deal on Food Network from an unassuming food blog? No, thanks. The goal is simply to try something new and stay in touch.

Now, let’s get cooking!





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